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Biden Faces Uphill Battle Against Trump, According to Senator Michael Bennet


July 10 :
Colorado Senator Michael Bennet, a Democrat, told  on July 9 that he believes then-President Joe Biden, a Democrat, will lose the 2024 presidential election to former Republican Donald Trump. At this point in the campaign, I believe Donald Trump will win the election—and maybe even take the Senate and the House—Bennet stated in a CNN interview. Having said that, Bennet did not demand that Biden resign as senator.

For Bennet, the time was right to bring up the subject of whether Biden ought to resign as candidate. He should think about this as president. Legislative Democrats in the United States have been sharply divided over whether to rally behind Biden's battered reelection campaign or call for his resignation in the face of ongoing concerns about his health and sharpness of vision.

There have been seven open calls for Biden to drop his re-election campaign from Democrats in the House of Representatives. No Senate Democrat has formally requested that he do so as of this writing. Joe Biden has stated time and time again that he will not be withdrawing from the race.

Critics of Joe Biden's performance in the June 27th debate against Donald Trump and his dismal public approval have cast further doubt on his chances of winning the November 5th election and continuing to handle the demanding responsibilities of his demanding job for the next four and a half years. There is concern among Democrats that Biden has failed to adequately persuade the public that his performance in the debate was exceptional rather than representative of his overall qualifications.

After Democrats in the Senate got together to talk about Joe Biden's campaign, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer told reporters, "I'm with Joe," in response to queries regarding Biden's healthy. Frustrated that the party was concentrating on Biden's flaws instead of coming together to defeat his Republican opponent, some Democrats have voiced their displeasure.