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An app that helps detect child abuse


Washington, Jan 25
App developers have created a software that would help parents keep a check on child abuse.

The app called SafeParent conducts a quiz that makes it comfortable for parents to talk to kids about sex abuse.

"The app ensures that most children are groomed before they are at the threat of being sexually abused," its developer Jeff Herman, child advocate and attorney for victims of sexual abuse, was quoted as saying on

The grooming process follows typical patterns that can be identified as "red flags".

"After representing hundreds of victims of sexual abuse, it became readily apparent to me that many kids can be protected from sexual abuse if their parents recognised these 'red flags' and responded," Herman said.

Herman said it is not enough to simply teach our children about good touch and bad touch.

The quiz contains a series of questions regarding "red flag" behaviour about an adult in their child's life.

The answers are weighted, based on the statistics relating to the seriousness of the "red flag".

When you are finished, the SafeParent meter will score your answers and calculate a concern score ranging from low to immediate threat.

The score of the quiz is less important than learning about what is a red flag and whether the red flags are present in your child's life.

"If someone makes you uncomfortable, do not ever let that person alone with your child," Herman said.